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NetWinProtector - 100 $

Download demo version:  NetWinProtector  

NetWinProtector program is designed to protect software written for the .NET Framework platform from decompilation, modification, viewing the source code. It allows to hide your program from some programs such as Reflector for. NET and prevents it from breaking.


  • GUI and console applications support
  • Encrypt your assembly
  • Hiding the program inside NetWinProtector shell
  • .NET Framework 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 support
  • Multiple levels of protection
  • High Burglar resistance
  • Work on Windows 32/64 bit (Target CPU: x86 or Any CPU)
  • Very fast protection
  • Command line support
  • One click protection
  • Anti-Debug protection
  • Anti Memory Dump protection

Your program is encrypted, wrapped into a manageable wrapper loader (platform. NET Framework) and while loading there used an additional secure win32 code to increase security.

Download demo version:  NetWinProtector  
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