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12 Replies to “Contact Lori”

  1. Lori this is simply beautiful – your work, your passion, your willingness to go out into a world in Africa and bring it to us who view this web site.
    I am saving all my money to go on a trip with you, as my heart yearns for the big African sky.
    Lisa Sands

  2. Well George I can tell you have definitely taken Africa Inside of you. So happy to talk to you and I look forward to staying in touch. In order to get my blog updates you have to verify your subscription when you receive an email. Thanks. Lori

  3. Thanks Lori for coming up with this beautiful kind of work. I would love to invite you and take you to track the mighty mountain gorillas in their thick natural forest of Bwindi.
    Greetings from the pearl of Africa,

    Agaba Johnson

  4. Hi Agaba, I love your name.
    Thanks for the invite. I have been to Bwindi and seen the gorillas. An experience of a lifetime. I would love to come again and will let you know if I do. Thanks.

  5. Hi there, I saw your question on a blog about headlines & just wanted to stop & show a little appreciation for what you do. :)I am trying to figure this blogging stuff out myself as I too want to help animals. My passion is for horses & I am determined to improve their lives & hopefully change the worlds outlook on them. So from one animal enthusiast to another, well done. Kudos for having the courage to follow your heart.

    PS- Your blog looks fantastic & very professional! 🙂

  6. Thanks Melissa, so nice to have you visiting my blog. I wish you would have told me the name of yours so I could check it out.

  7. Lori, You asked me to like your page and indeed I do like it, I love it I am so happy you invited me. I listened to your BBC interview which was fantastic. I was born in Liverpool, UK age 78. I will be buying your books the 1st one I buy will be the one to keep by my bedside I am so looking foreward to reading it. I am a depressed lovely lady who is not only frustrated by our world but also with myself. I feel useless and would love to come and do some volunteer work for you for a fortnight? The complex I live in has students from all over the world each of them call me Grandmum I love them all they have brought such joy into my life plus their parents some from Saudi Arabia, China, India, Etc. thank me for watching over their children who are so far away from family who are not here to keep them safe so they are very happy they have a Grandmum to watch over them. I help with their homework + teach them English. My son, now age 52, was a heavy drug user + a recovering alcoholic he became an ordained Pastor to help alcoholics, drug abusers, parolees + the homeless. He lives only on donations of food, clothing + money. His web page is “Ucantdoitalone” Pastor Taveren Knight. You see him walking the streets of Detroit praying with strangers. Taveren, his wife, my grandson bring the homeless home to their luxurious 2 brm 1 bath home some walls/floors are missing no A/C or heat, use space heaters, Only cold water no hot water heater, They live in the center of the Hood were they are loved the people in the hood are so thankful for the help he gives to them, He also offers 18 months for free to live in his home to help them find God + he has 4 rescued Pit Bulls so some of the donated food is fed to them. I love what he does, I love what you do. It an honour to have joined “Saving Wild” I will make a donation every month it will only be $5 a month but every $ helps right? Goodnight and God bless u dear lady.

  8. There are so many ways we can help one way is never stop praying for “Peace to reign on earth” to ask God to protect our animals and children. Jane, who brought gorillas into our lives, Lori, who fights to save our beautiful animals, my son helping people in need for free, 1,000s on FB, I have 300 FB friends from all over the globe fighting to stop the abuse and killing done to our gentle giants, rhinos, pit bulls, Etc. all done by our fellow man. Also by donating even a $1 a month helps more of course if you can afford it every donation is appreciated. Thank you and may God bless us all.

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